Homeopathy for animals

Animal homeopathy or veterinary homeopathy is very safe for your animal. It isn’t full of strong chemicals, like in modern day medicine. It’s safe because it is extremely diluted. All homeopathy is the same. You use it the same as you would on humans. For animals you  would have to go see a vet instead of a homeopathy practitioner for us humans. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, which is the founder of the homeopathy, gave a lecture and mentioned how his medical practice should be used on animals. The medical practice should be used the same on humans and animals.

Animal homeopathy has changed

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann developed homeopathy and animal homeopathy. His death didn’t stop it from evolving. For example, some practitioners use high potencies or low potencies. Potency refers to how diluted the remedy or substance is. Modern homeopathy still stays true to Hahnemann’s principles. Today’s still aims to stay focused on the patient. The remedies are customized to the patient’s illness, personalities, and lots of other things. Veterinary homeopathy can treat acute and chronic diseases. Acute diseases are diseases that aren’t that serious. For example, the common cold. Chronic diseases are recurrent. They stay for a long period of time. The treatment could take a longer time to cure your disease. An example would be cancer or aids.

Why are the medicines diluted so much ?

Hahnemann learned things at a steady pace during his career. He went along and figured out things through trial and error. When he was giving treatment to his patients he noticed that it produced the same symptoms they already had. Over a period of time he noticed his patients were really sensitive to the treatment. It had an effect on them. So he started giving less amounts of the treatment. For example, if he was giving a tablespoon, he brought it down to a drop. He noticed that giving less amounts weren’t working. The treatments were still too much for the patients. This is were he starts to dilute the treatments a lot. Even though the remedies were very diluted, they were working. Todays homeopathic remedies are so diluted that people start to question whether it is still effective.

The Three Principals

There are three principals that make up homeopathy as a whole. They’re the law of similar, the law of the single dose, and the law of the minimum dose. No, the  minimum dose law is not the same as single dose. The law of similar is when a practitioner gives a patient the medicine that matches their personality, spirit, and their illness. The single dose law is giving a patient one treatment at a time. This is to not confuse the doctor which treatment is working. The minimum dose is giving the patient the smallest dose they can give. This is to limit effects on the body.


Homeopathy and veterinary homeopathy are basically the same type of medical practices. The same thing you would do for humans, you would do for animals. All homeopathy is the same.